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All important announcements and Updates for the site will be posted here. Please check in from time to time.

Main FAQ BY Fenrir May 7, 2013 9:22:30 GMT -5
The all-powerful and all-important rules of the board. All members must read and follow. We've also included the Frequently asked Questions in here as well.

Draconian Times Vol-1 Issue 3 BY Fenrir Oct 23, 2013 2:01:16 GMT -5
All official board plots will be shown here. Each official plot will be given a sub-board of its own, where each plot-related thread will be viewable, upon completion, and a summary of what happened in the plot will be shown. Also the Draconian Times will also have a board where all issues will be kept for easy access.

FAQ for Missions and Jobs BY Fenrir Sept 12, 2013 16:04:40 GMT -5
The new Dragon Legends is quite different after the revamp. Here is all the Need to Know information and Extra Information about the world of Dragon Booster and Dragon Legends' new Universe. It also includes a page dedicated to The Empires as they are opened up for RP.

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Whether creating a Job or signing up for Mission Impossible, all of them can be found and joined here! Just make sure to read the short guides found inside.

Talon BY Etlaayz Nov 11, 2013 12:46:49 GMT -5
This board will host All Playable and Non Playable Characters of Dragon Legends.

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Post your Character or Creature profiles here. Follow the form inside please. Creature Creation and Accepted Creature Boards can also be found here.

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All registered characters will be moved here and sorted into the correct sub-board.

Index | Black | Blue | Brown | Green | Grey | Gold | Light-Blue | Light-Green | Orange | Purple | Red | Turquoise | White | Hybrid

All registered creatures (such as newts) will be moved here, into their proper sub-boards.

Have a character that you don't want anymore, but don't want to just dump into the Character Archives? You can put them up for adoption here.

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Keeping with the Dragon Booster tradition this is where you create your Street Crews. From Merchant crews,racing crews, mercenary or thieves. Anything can be made into a group, if you have something to stand for. Please read the rules before posting

All Gear must be created and accepted before it can be used. There are no shops, only free Gear Creation, and this is where you get too it! But remember; all Armour must be bought and can not be created. If you see a Created Gear you like, then you buy it here as well.

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After your Gear has been accepted please remember to add it to you characters Gear Page.

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The Gypsy Market is the place to go when you want to change a piece of Gear. If you want to add features, power or protection the Gypsy Scavangers can do it for you... for a price of course.

Built thousands of years aog, the Dragon Temple is as much a symbol as it is a monument. It has stood against wars and disasters, and symbolizes the very being of all dragons and humans. The Priests welcome all into the upper levels of the temple, where the purest of the faded Gold Dragons can be found. The lower Sanctums are sacred, and only Priests may enter.

Towering above Dragon City this place is well known for its beauty and high-class citizens. It holds the popular and hallowed Dragon Temple where the Golden Dragons are bred and cared for. It is second in size only to Mid Town but only because it has no market-place, and the taverns are very expensive. Sky Town builds to show off and keeps up with currently technology. It ia the most sophisticated and up to date place arguably, in all of Draconis. In comparison to the rest of Dragon City Sky-Town is relatively safe.

“Nothing’s fair in Fair-town” is an old saying that rings very true. The Town’s name comes from the many fairs and festivals held here every year. This has turned into a slight irony as the people in Fair Town are hagglers. This area boasts the cities weapon-crafters and workers and also holds the largest stable areas for breeding. But apart from this the open market-place is the highlight of Fair Town and it makes a living from the taverns that are bustling and packed to the brim, but always has an extra room for someone to use, and with the Aurium gardens so close by it isn't a wonder why the place is so bustling.

Right before the Furrows lies Dark Town. This is a far more dangerous part of the city and hosts the Black Market in Squire's End for those who know where to look, and due to the high crime-rate also hosts the unforgiving Precinct. The place is built on history, as this used to be where old crafters hosted their work shops but times have changed and now bands of thieves and brigands have settled here. Older structures still stand but mostly the area is built out of shacked houses and lit with smudged lamp lights. No sunlight reaches this part of town, and a fine ash falls down from the crafters workshops in Fair Town.

When the first golden bones were found, the City turned into a mining town. As the city grew it built up and up. But when the Mines ran dry, the Mining Trench, or Furrows, were forgotten. The Furrows run around the city like a dried out moat and they are no less than 50 feet deep. They are filthy and smell aweful as the sewer lines spill out here sometimes. Those too poor for houses, but too proud for crime, flee down here in the hopes of finding some peace. Some live in the mines, but it is dangerous so most make small clay homes from the dirt and grime. It is a hard life down here, but due to the poverty. one of the safer areas of Dragon City, although living so close to the Labyrinth is not something anyone can truly consider as 'safe.'

In the Deadlands, beyond the cities, before any bridge or pass can be reached one must pass through the Swamp of Bones. A land of Marshes and dead trees, sink holes and deadly creatures that hunt you in the night. The mists are thick and the days short, making travelling here dangerous at the best of times. But what makes this place such a marvel are the old Dragon Bones that jut out among the sludge and pools of slime. How these Bones came to be here is a mystery, but many poachers and smugglers in search of Golden on Grey bones will risk their lives in these swamps, and even the Pits in order to find them. But few make it back, and those that do tell of voices of creatures that hunt you and strange happenings that make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. It is said the place is haunted. Haunted by the dragons who protect their bones. Tread carefully travelers, stick to the Roads, lest you and your dragon are dug up by thieves and poachers.

To reach Blackhurst one must cross Galathorn Bridge, which stretches across the canyon for almost ten miles. The bridge was built from white Highstone and has stood almost a thousand years against wars, nature and time. Though extremely wide, (five large dragons can safely walk abreast) the sides of the bridge have been lined with ropes as thick as tree trunks, in order to prevent weary riders from plummeting to their deaths. Beyond the bridge lies the border of the Obsidian Empire with Fallwigg fields, the great forests of Havenwood, Camelberry and of course the seas of Sarbon Bay.

The Noble quarter is a beauty unto itself. The entire district was carved from a boulder the size of a mountain, or so the story goes. Stairways run up and down through and around giant trees and Statues that stand tall and proud amongst the fountains and small gardens. There are no shops here, only houses and the people are known for their snobbish attitude toward commoners. This also leads to the Emerald Tower where the Five Lords of Obsidia meet once a month to discuss the realm's current situation.

The entire city is covered by a large and impenetrable dome that shimmer black in sunlight. The South-East Gate, which leads straight through the Market district and Commoner’s quarters, seem to host buildings built on buildings. The architecture is quite precarious at some points and many areas have been constructed from an array of other materials, making it quite a colourful area. Still the Market District has many charms, particularly the fountain in the Clock Tower Square where all the entertainers come to perform for their audiences.

The Barracks runs the entirety of the Third District. Training areas, stables and sleeping quarters are all housed here. The area is also filled with towering buildings but with no charms to save it. Hundreds of soldiers and are housed here and the living conditions are cramped. A Dragon Training ground is also nearby where many people, Soldiers or no come to train and even race their dragons for fun on the Dawnrun Racetrack.

Because the Dome's protection prevented people from expanding outward, they started to build upward. And here is where they discovered the Rim. The Rim is an area halfway inbetween the ground and the Dome that creates an anti-gravitationl field. Quiclky realizing its worth the people started using it as a means of transport. Platforms make it easier to push your way in the direction you wish to go, and looking up you can see the Fourth District which was build on the dome itself.

On a peninsula to the farthest reach of Blackhurst, is the rough and tumble mining town of Fareach. The town is a odd mixture of old (wooden shops and buildings) and new (an expressway up to the highlands where the mines are) nestled in a valley. This area is, also, prone to seismic and volcanic activity because it is at the junction of, at least, two tectonic plates. It is, also, one of the richest sources of Black Draconium on Draconis. The disturbances are dredging up fresh draconium from deep within the planet. Here, fortunes can be made and lost quickly in the mines crisscrossing the area.

Two gleaming marble spires mark this as the only terrestrial entrance to the Teeth from the Deadlands. So narrow that even two dragons would have difficulty walking alongside each other and walls dotted with cleverly concealed rectangular holes, attesting to the Pass's dual purpose, Pale Pass is only the first in many formidable fortifications the architects of the Teeth installed. Just beyond Pale Pass lies Arid, a small town nestled in the ragged spikes that are the trademark of the treacherous mountain. Newcomers are screened here before being allowed into the Four Peaks.

The first road crosses over a short stone bridge before it begins to spiral up the side of a mountain. The small and dangerous pathway leads up and inbewteen the side of the cliffs. It was carved in years pass and leads through small short moss covered caves before breaking back to the open light. Nothing else grows here and the pale stone slowly turns redder the higher you go. This is Ehke Peak, home to the Crafters and home to the Hall of Fire. Here the mountain top has been fashioned into one large chimney, known as Fire Breath, from where smoke billows out into the skies. Smaller chimneys, coming up from the Crafters Caves, allow smaller puffs of smoke to pour out, turning the sky into soot stained heaven. The entrance is heavily guarded and a quick screen is required before you may enter.

Named for the perpetual spray of mist that hides its peak Tuzigoot Paha is the 'Water Mountain'. The black tips can only be reached by crossing the narrow and squeeky bridge of Athag'un that crosses over the Pit of Abyss. Here a treacherous wind always blows and the small bridge is barely big enough to allow two dragons passage. Made from an anciet rope which was blended with draconium it is surprsingly strong but requires constant maintenence to ensure the black wood does not crumble over time. The bridge leads straight into the Mountain, and the caves of Dug'un where the Hall of Light can be found.

The only path into the half-moon mountain of Haiga, is one that leads down to a large cave that takes you far down into the very depths of the earth and to theHall of Stone The tunnels are lined with blazing torches, giving enough light to see smoothed copper rock and iron walkways bult from the iron found in Ghrunda'un Mines. The caves are well kept but no sentries or guards are ever seen. But small rectangular holes in the walls are proof that someone is watching. Three dragons can easily walk abreast in these massive tunnels, and sound travels far, making it easy for Haiga to know when newcomers enter their domain. Resting place for the weary can be found in Aghdarr

The path to Skanya and their famous Stables leads through the mountains regions namesake. The path is lined with sharp black spikes that rise up and over, blocking out the sun. Called simply 'The Teeth’ , the area is very dangerous, riddled with rockslides and treacherous walkways. But the path is wide, giving ample chance to avoid any such disasters. When the jagged rocks are finally clear one can easily see Skanya. Its trademark flat top, where the Hall of Gods stand, and pearl white stone easily spotted before you are led into the belly of the mountain and into the Lungdarr Caves.

Draconiun Times Vol -1 Issue -2 BY Etlaayz Aug 6, 2013 14:16:36 GMT -5
Here is where tha past issues of The Draconiun Times will be stored.

Final Thoughts Revamp BY Eris Jun 14, 2013 16:38:33 GMT -5
Old information from before the revamp goes here. Characters and role-play threads that were created pre-revamp will be sent to the appropriate boards below.

Kalei & Bazjra BY Etlaayz Jul 20, 2013 20:40:12 GMT -5
All old character profiles will be moved here. If you forgot to save your character's profile, you'll be able to find it here.

All old role-play, or in-character, threads can be found here.

Activity Check BY Fenrir Aug 5, 2013 1:28:49 GMT -5
All old out-of-character topics can be found here.

Black Oil Gear BY gokol Nov 7, 2011 5:15:48 GMT -5
All old threads to do with the shops will be moved here.

Talk about anything here. When posting, please keep the rules in mind.

Have an old thread you'd like to finish up with? Then simply ask one of the staff members to unlock and move the unfinished thread to this board.

Here is where you can ask for new role-play or work on the plot of a current one.

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All contests will be posted here! From Creature Creations, to Art or just plain old good Role-Play, all Contests will be listed here!

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See something you like? Or perhaps something that needs fixing? By all means post all feedback for Dragon Legends here, we love to hear from all our members!

This will be the official staff member board.

Here is where we will post any board jobs available. You apply here as well.

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Would you like to affiliate with Dragon Legends? Go on and post in here - we'll affiliate with... everybody, basically!

Must have our banner up first. 88x31 pixels, please.
Affiliating only; no advertising without linking. All are welcome!.

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